Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Savilles

I had the wonderful privilege to photograph these adorable kids after their mom had entered a drawing for one of my giveaways.  Anyway, after a few changes in appointments, we finally were able to do these photos.  Little did we know, they would be the most current photos and some of the last photos taken of this little guy Gabriel.  Gabriel passed away peacefully at his home.  We don't know the cause other than Heavenly Father needed him to start his mission in heaven.  His sweet family will truly miss him, and are awaiting their joyous reunion with their sweet baby brother, son, and grandson.  His family is strong, and have such a positive outlook on such a tragic thing.  Hopefully I can learn how to be more like them!


Marley Family said...

I love the pic's of Gabe. You did an amazing job!

Ang said...

Holy Cow Whitney! I loved looking through your blog and seeing all the beautiful pictures! You are such a talented photographer!! I really need to get a time set up to get our family pictures taken - we have another person to add to our family picture!!!
Angela Ferrara